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The Secrets of Naming Clouds

2016, HD video, animation, found and original footage, performance with live narration and sound



The Secrets of Naming Clouds is a performance accompanied by moving image work, projections, sound and live-narration. The performance draws on utopic universal languages such as Blissymbols, an ‘anti-word’ language designed to eradicate miscommunication and Láadan, a feminist language created to end patriarchy. These idealized forms of communication are interwoven with coming of age stories; homevideos and choreographed dances, dating bans, classroom conversations on consent, teen-girl vigilantes and a family trip to LA in pursuit of minor celebrity Adam Sessler, my sisters crush.

sound by Saturniid▽▽▽ dramaturgy by Sarah Elkashef▽▽▽ text editing by Kristin Li and Kim Smith ▽▽▽with direction by Kevin Kerr










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