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2014, In-situ studio and installation (looped animated four channel video, mixed media)
FOFA Gallery, Montreal, Canada 

with Sarah Pupo and Kandis Friesen

Paperwork is a process-based installation of an animated “exquisite corpse” video project in the York Corridor Vitrines at the FOFA Gallery. Part residency, part studio, and part exhibition, the collaborative show takes the form of three animators working in three of the vitrine sections, with the fourth section dedicated to a regularly updated video projection of sequential animated loops as they evolve. paperwork aims to demystify the process of shooting frame-by-frame, drawing attention to the construction of the animated image, it’s materiality, and the labour and conditions of its making.

The playful, transformative nature of the exquisite corpse provides an ideal vehicle for us to experiment and work in direct dialogue with each other, responding to one anothers form, content and style. A classic surrealist drawing game, it collaboratively assembles an image by having one artist add on to a previous artists imagery. The words exquisite corpse themselves suggest the sensuous and the imperfect decay of the material world – this is fitting as our practices are linked by a passion for the detritus and the hands-on, messy manipulation of real objects and materials through combined old and new technologies. 

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