Feeling Measurements - Video One


Excerpt - Slow Scan video and transcription of performance between Kerri Flannigan and Laura Gildner

Feeling Measurements came from reflections on using the body as a way of measuring. Early practices of measurements were often based on the scale of a body and the land. In particular, we have been considering the measurement of the fathom. Fathom is the distance between two arms outstretched, from fingertip to fingertip. The word fathom derives from the old English word fathem ‘to embrace’ and speaks to what is graspable or imaginable and what is not. What is fathomable can be understood and embodied. What is unfathomable cannot.

Feeling Measurements - Kelsey


Excerpt - Slow Scan video and transcription of talk between Kerri Flannigan and Kelsey Lavoie

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