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The After Party: Coming of Age Stories

2011- ongoing


The After Party is a collection of individual anecdotes of coming of age that I gathered from friends, family and youth by simply asking them to tell me a story about their relationship with their body or sexuality when they were coming of age. The collection of stories depict the impermanence of adolescent rites of passage and identity-forming epiphanies. These stories capture the ubiquitous tension of coming of age, that rides the line between angst-ridden humility and personal empowerment.


This project has had many series, rebirths and collaborations, existing as two zines, an animated series and as a installation that resulted from a collaboration with the youth of Vancouver Island Sexual Health.

The After Party: Coming of Age Stories - Hooking up

(Pillow Talk by Anonymous)

2015, risograph, 28 pages

Anonymous, EJ, Kerri, Mayo, Marty, Rea






2016, HD video, animation, stereo sound



The story of Socky and Finker-shit, who met at summer camp. Told by Marty Fink.

The AfterParty: I Thought I was the Only One

2016, HD video, found and original footage, stereo sound

the Youth of Island Sexual Health in collaboration with Kerri Flannigan

Video stills

I Thought I was the Only One is the result of a 6-month collaboration with the Youth of Island Sexual Health that explores adolescent rites of passage and presents a collection of individual anecdotes of coming of age identity-forming epiphanies.The 13 animated stories address body hair, period parties, consent, underwhelming first kisses and more. Stories are in the original unedited form and imagery was created collectively by the group.

Featuring work by Alex Schaffter, Cher Ghafari, Esther Jang, Joanne Ho, Kerri Flannigan, Kim Czotter, Lois Karwandy, Lukas Bhandar, Madi Innes, Makayla Scharf, MB, Michele Martin, Morganne Orchard, Marina Bridal, Sara Maya Bhandar, Vanessa Barr, Vickie Yang, Bell Wu and Roy Kuo.

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